LOADED SWEET POTATO with 30g protein

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🌱 2 sweet potatoes
🌱 1 can chickpeas (drained and rinsed)
🌱 1/2 cup ancient grains or quinoa
🌱 2 cups kale
🌱 Oil, salt, paprika, garlic ‘n’ herbs


🌱 1/2 cup cashews
🌱 almond milk (enough to submerge cashews)
🌱 big squeeze of lemon
🌱 2-3 tbsp nutritional yeast
🌱 1 garlic clove
🌱 1 tsp turmeric
🌱 salt, pepper to taste



🌱 Wash sweet potato, cut in half, rub oil and spices of choice on it (I used garlic n herbs), poke skin with fork and roast for 35 min
🌱 Lay chickpeas on a parchment paper, add oil and paprika and roast for the same time
🌱 Massage kale in a bit of olive oil and cook grains according to package instructions, then blend dressing ingredients until smooth
🌱 Assemble on a plate

Chef’s Comments

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