Reinventing Salads

 It’s a common misconception that salads are boring. I am here to prove that wrong.

Salads are very nourishing, delicious and nutritious. Nurturing our body with live and vibrant foods is taking our health to the next level.

Say Yes To Sweets

Achieving great health and losing weight should never mean not eating sweets.

Sweets should be a part of our life but they are not all created equal. I love creating non- inflammatory & non- addicting sweets.

Mind, Body, & Spirit

Healing is so much more than just a diet. It has multiple components to it.

They all must be achieved in order to unlock our full potential for energetic & healthy life in a healthy body and a happy mind.

As Seen On

Latest recipes

  • 3- ingredient MANGO POPSICLES


  • 4- ingredient SUMMER CHOCO TART

  • 4- ingredient FUDGY POPSICLES

The plant- based diet that consists of abundance and variety of fruits and vegetables, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds just happens to be the healthiest diet for us, for the planet and the most compassionate one. I don’t struggle with weight, skin or my auto- immune condition and my energy is through the roof!

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