Learn about Jovana, the girl behind the Way To Health Kitchen brand.

Hi! I am Jovana, the girl behind the Way To Health Kitchen brand. I was born and raised in Serbia but I currently reside in Chicago. My story began upon moving to the US when a lot of health problems started happening, seemingly out of nowhere.

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One cannot think well, live well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

In these short years I’ve had breast tumor, suffered from generalized anxiety disorder, severe depression, loss of a pregnancy and ultimately, the auto- immune disease Ulcerative Colitis- that almost killed me.

My whole life I’ve also struggled with anemia, hair loss as well as painful periods and intense PMS. After receiving no real guidance from the medical world I’ve decided to help myself heal from what was meant to kill me.

I read, I watched, I listened, I made mistakes but I won!

My journey was lonely but yours doesn’t have to be!

My page, my brand, my business are founded on a profound love I have to help every single person that is struggling with something, from early signs like fatigue and being bloated to more serious issues. I want to be your rock when you feel hopeless and scared.

My recipes are here to inspire you in the kitchen, will always be plant- based, gluten- free and refined sugar free!

I don’t use toxic cookware, cosmetics or allow toxic people in my life anymore.

While my recipes are delicious and nutritious, Way To Health Kitchen is so much more than just a kitchen!

It’s about healing- mental, physical and physiological, it’s about re- learning to love ourselves to the core and learn to put ourselves first.

It’s about healing our inner child, mind, body and broken spirit and discovering abundance of health, wealth and happiness!