HOME- MADE NUTELLA 3 ingredients & delicious

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I used to be obsessed with original Nutella but then the reality hit in when I read all the ingredients and became aware of things I shouldn’t put in my body so I can thrive 🙌🏻 I have discovered home- made nutella that I can eat knowing my body won’t suffer yet I’ll stay satisfied 😍 It’s so easy, you gotta try it!



🌱 2 cups hazelnuts (roasted)
🌱 2 tbsp cacao powder
🌱 3 tbsp maple syrup



🌱 If your hazelnuts are raw bake on a parchment paper for 15 min at 350F
🌱 When done simply peel the skins- rubbing kitchen towel over it helps loosen the skin
Option 1: put hazelnuts in blender and blend on highest- takes about 2 minutes! If you don’t have super strong blender add some coconut oil. When hazelnut butter is made add cacao and maple syrup and blend all in
Option 2: Buy hazelnut butter at the store and add in cacao and sweetener and voila you have a perfect spread in 3 minutes 😍
🌱 If you need sweeter adjust accordingly. If your blender struggles add some almond milk. Optionally you can add dates and/ or cashews for creamier, bit of salt and/ or vanilla extract. Keep exploring till you get the taste/ consistency you love 😍

Chef’s Comments

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😍 ENJOY & tag someone that would love to see this ☺️

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